My father is an artist and I grew up with paintings.  Painting is a very messy affair; oil smells linger for hours, oil paint patches dot the floor, half completed canvases cram the shelves, palette boards, brushes, oil paint tubes overflow the tables, paintings fight for every inch of the walls.  It always amazes me how he can produce such soothing and beautiful paintings amid this chaos!

I often chat with visitors at my father’s exhibitions, sharing with them the paintings on display. I realised that some small observations that I causally point out to them actually greatly enhances their enjoyment of the paintings. This makes me wonder, how can I help more people enjoy paintings?

How To Appreciate Paintings hope to help all who are new to art and interested in paintings to enjoy and appreciate paintings with short, simple, step by step tips. Tips that are practical, easy to understand and immediately applicable at the art gallery.

So that the next time you visit an art exhibtion, you can share some tips and help your companion enjoy and appreciate the paintings even more.