To understand a painting title, we need to know how the title was created.
The painting’s title or name is usually given by the artist.  It is generally the only piece of information provided by the artist other than the painting itself. 
There are many reasons why the artist have named the painting as he did. He could be stating what he had painted or explaining what he wanted to paint. He could be describing in words what he wanted to express in the painting or highlighting the focal point of the painting.

He could be guiding the viewer to feel what he wanted them to experience from the painting or hiding the true intentions of what he had painted. The artist uses the title of the painting to help the viewer understand the painting according to his intentions.

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We can usually understand a painting faster and better using the information provided by the title. However there are times when this understanding is challenged, when what we see and feel from the painting is different from what the title says the painting is. We will then need to reconcile this difference, which makes us think deeper to appreciate the painting even more.

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How to appreciate paintings?  The title of the painting gives you useful information that helps you to understand a painting.

Painting Image: Pont Royal by Singapore artist Low Hai Hong /

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