The title of a painting provides information on the painting.  It is often the only piece of information that is provided by the artist on the painting, besides the painting itself. 

Through the title, the artist wants to tell the viewer something about the painting from his perspective. 

It could be background information to help the viewer understand the context of the painting.

It could be something explosive to bring attention to the issue that the artist wants to highlight.

It could be labeled as part of a series work.

It could be intentionally vague so that the viewer can use her imagination to decide what the painting is. 

It could be guiding the viewer to a certain conclusion for a painting that may be hard to comprehend. 

It could be something arbitrary without any meaning or significance.  

It could be commercially named to fit into the expectations of potential buyers and collectors.  

It could be factually stating what the painting is so that the viewer need not second guess.

It could be hoping that the viewer could see the painting in a particular manner even though the painting may not have expressed it successfully.

It could be named according to tradition, convention or contemporary standards.  

It could be purposely meant to confuse the viewer so that the viewer can think more deeply into the issue. 

It could be something personal that only the artist would know.  

It could be simply a condensed write up on the emotions that the artist felt when she made the painting. 

There are endless possibilities as to what the artist wants to say with the title of the painting.  

How to appreciate paintings?  The artist seeks to tell the viewer something about the painting from the title of the painting.

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