The title of a painting is the name of the painting.

The title of a painting is usually given by the artist who created the painting.  Paintings may also be titled by curators or exhibtion organizers due to administrative emergencies.  Paintings have also been renamed by critics and historians.   

The title of a painting is often decided after the painting had been completed.  It could be immediately after the painting is finished, when the paint is still fresh.  Or when the painting is being prepared for an exhibtion or sales, when dust had already collected on the canvas.

The title of a painting is generally determined without a standard process or framework.  It all depends on the artist, his feelings and thoughts of the painting, what she seeks to express or achieve from the painting, his inspiration at the point of naming or needing to name the painting.

So titles can be made with careful deliberation to reflect what the artist wants to convey or hastily due to lack of time; thoughtfully to accomplish certain objectives or mechanically to follow a series of works; sensitively on feelings aroused by the painting or forcefully to fit into predetermined ideas; literally based on what the painting simply is or exaggerated without any significance. 

How to appreciate paintings?  The title of a painting is the name of the painting.  There is no fixed framework on how to name paintings and determine the title of the painting. 

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