One of the new acronyms arising from this Covid 19 situation is NFTF, Non Face To Face.  With all the social distancing and isolation measures, face to face is now a luxury, and non face to face, has become the new norm in our daily lives. 

NFTF has always been a part of how to appreciate paintings, before it became the only option in these unusual times.  There are many reasons for the important role of NFTF in how we learn to appreciate paintings.  

First of all, it is impractical and impossible to see all the paintings we want to see in person face to face.  

The top 100 famous paintings in the western world are located in museums around the globe.  Even if we live in Europe, where most of the renowned museums are located, we will still need to have the time and budget, to travel to these museums to see the paintings “live”.

The most famous of the paintings may be in the museum’s permanent exhibits, but some paintings may only be displayed occasionally, when the museum changes the exhibits.  It may take years of waiting, for us to be able to see a painting that is kept in the museum’s storage, in person.

Some of these famous paintings are owned by private collectors, hidden far away from public view.  We may never have the opportunity to see such paintings face to face. 

How to appreciate paintings?  Non Face to Face, or NFTF, has always been an essential part of how to appreciate paintings; it is impossible and impractical for us to see all the paintings we want to see in person, face to face.  

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