Appreciating paintings can be as simple as looking at the paintings closely and listening to ourselves carefully.  We want to experience the process of discovering our thoughts and feelings through our reaction to the paintings.  It may be an enjoyable, nostalgic, sad, horrific, emotionless, intellectual, experience, but most importantly it is an experience that is entirely our own.  No one can judge or determine our experience.  From this experience, we hope to become more aware of ourselves, to realize more about ourselves, to know more about ourselves. 

Appreciating paintings can also be as sophisticated as attending art classes, networking with artists and collectors and dealers, participating in art fairs. While we continue to seek our connection with paintings through these means, we also want to achieve other personal objectives with these activities: art as a hobby, art as an investment, art for socializing.

How much we want to do, know or learn in the spectrum of art appreciation is up to us.  We can move continuously forward on the spectrum or stand still on the spot that we are comfortable with.  We can put in minimal effort or invest lots of time.  We can be an onlooker, a lover of art who enjoys paintings, or a participant, a collector of paintings. 

There is no goal in art appreciation; there is nothing to achieve.  Art appreciation is for us to enjoy and have fun while we learn and know more about ourselves.  

Each of us will find our own path in art appreciation.  Stand confidently in your path, there is no need to heed anyone else. 

How to appreciate paintings?  Appreciate paintings at your own pace, in your own way. 

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