After our trip to the art gallery, we may be intrigued to find out more about the paintings or the artists we had seen at the gallery.  We may be keen to more know about the artist and her background, curious about paintings by other artists in that particular style of art, or interested in the history of that period of art. 

There are many avenues to seek this information and acquire this knowledge. We can read up on books of art history, we can learn about art styles on the internet, we can enquire about the artist from the art gallery, we can speak to the artist directly, we can talk to others who are also interested in art, we can search for similar groups of artists on social media. 

The enthusiasm in paintings is the best door gift we can receive from our trip to the art gallery – it propels us to find out more about paintings and pushes us to continue to look at more paintings.  

The more we know about paintings, the more we appreciate paintings. 

The more paintings we see, the more we appreciate paintings. 

How to appreciate paintings?  Seize on your interest in paintings after your trip to the art gallery.  Find out more about the artists or the paintings.  Plan your next visit to the art gallery. 

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