Let us now look at the paintings at the art gallery. 

There is no right or wrong way to look at paintings but there are of course ways of looking at paintings that increases the appreciation of paintings.  

When we look at a painting hung on a wall, we need to move ourselves in various angles and distances to have a “complete” look of the painting. 

From the standard position (How to Appreciate Paintings #68), we form our first impression of the painting.  We get a sense of what the painting is about by having an overview of the painting with some details.  Next we move ourselves to look at the painting from different angles.

Stepping a few steps to the left or right from the centre of the painting, we can look at the painting from different angles.  Looking at the painting from different angles can give us a different perspective to the painting: we may see what we did not see earlier, we may realize changes to what we had seen earlier.

Simply varying our angles and distances from which we look at the painting can bring about pleasant surprises.  It makes us discover more about the painting and helps us to appreciate the painting.  

From now on, let us not just stand in a fixed position to look at the painting.  Move further from the painting, step nearer to the painting, shift to the left of the painting, walk to the right of the painting.  Looking at the painting from different physical points, and we can see different looks of the painting. 

How to appreciate paintings?  Looking at the painting from different distances and angles allow us to have a complete view of the painting at the art gallery.

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