At the art gallery that is running an exhibtion, we can still walk around the art gallery in whatever manner we want,  but our experience can be enhanced if we choose to see the paintings according to how the curator or artist had planned the exhibtion and arranged the paintings.  That means following the flow of the exhibtion and the order of the paintings in the art gallery.  This flow is quite obvious once we step into the art gallery, and most of us will be going with the flow automatically.  

The paintings may be arranged in chronological order, grouped by themes, organized based on a storyline or categorized by aesthetics.  There may be write ups on the walls, videos playing or artifacts displayed, to complement the paintings and build up the theme of the exhibtion.  Following the flow of the exhibition allows us to experience the paintings in the manner that the curator or artist intended.    

While the paintings in the exhibition can be appreciated individually, without placing them into the context of the exhibition, viewing them together with the other paintings that they are placed with gives us deeper insights into the individual paintings and helps us to appreciate the individual paintings even more.  Looking at the materials that were shared with the paintings also provides us more information and helps us to have a better understanding of all the paintings in the exhibtion.  

How to appreciate paintings?  If the art gallery is running an exhibtion, following the flow of the exhibtion furthers our appreciation of the paintings. 

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