When we open the door of the art gallery, we are welcomed with a peaceful quietness.  (It will be very different if it is an exhibtion opening day or night.)

The art gallery feels like a library, where there is a consensus for silence, where there is a sense of reverence.  There is an air of meditative calm, a feeling of time frozen, as our hurried activities seem to be stopped by the door.  

When we step into the art gallery, we are received by an openness of space.  (Smaller galleries will have less luxury of space.)

The art gallery feels like an empty warehouse, dark and bare.  The lights are dim, there is nothing on the floors and there is nothing in the room, except for paintings on the wall.  This spaciousness that is so rare in our overcrowded living environment is inviting and calming.  

When we enter the art gallery, we have entered a shelter, shielding us from the noise outside and inside our minds.  Relax yourself in this unique space.  Savour the quietness and openness.  It doesn’t matter if we cannot appreciate the paintings in the art gallery.  Appreciating and enjoying the ambience and atmosphere in the art gallery makes it a meaningful trip too.   

How to appreciate paintings?  Take in the quietness and spaciousness of the art gallery and enjoy every minute of it. 

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