If we can go through some materials before we go into the art gallery to look at paintings, it would greatly enhance our appreciation of the paintings. 

Reading up about the exhibtion at the art gallery helps us understand why the paintings are being presented and who are the artist(s) whose works are shown. Instead of walking around the art gallery wondering what the exhibtion is about, knowing what the exhibtion is enables us to get straight into the paintings when we step into the art gallery. 

Looking up on the artist(s) exhibiting at the art gallery gives us more insights to the paintings when we look at them.  Knowing the artist(s)’s story, his inspiration, her techniques, allows us to place the paintings into context.  

Learning about the exhibtion and the artist(s) before going to the art gallery requires effort and time, which may not be possible for all of us.   Let this preparation not be a deterrent to appreciating paintings.   We do what we can to appreciate paintings a little more, whenever we can.   Appreciating paintings should not be an academic exercise that puts down our enjoyment. 

How to appreciate paintings?  Before you go into the art gallery, know what the exhibtion is about and the artist(s) who is(are) exhibiting. 

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