Before we step into an art gallery to look at paintings, stop outside the door for a few minutes.  Take these few minutes to prepare ourselves, before we look at the paintings. 

Arriving at the gallery, we may have rushed there as we were running late, or we had lost our way and look some effort to find the place.  We may still be panting from walking up the stairs, or we are excitedly continuing our conversation with our companion.  We may be thinking of dinner plans for later, or worrying about the problems at home earlier.  We may be checking in on our social media, or listening to music on our ear pods.  

Do not enter the art gallery immediately.  Stop at the door or entrance.  Before we walk into the art gallery: 

  1. Complete all the activities we are in the midst off. 
  2. Clear our minds of all thoughts.  
  3. Catch three deep and slow breathes.

These three steps help us to prepare ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, so that we can be in the best shape to appreciate the paintings.  We want to be able to really enjoy the paintings, and not look at the paintings with a tired body, a busy mind and an occupied heart.  

How to appreciate paintings?  Before you go into the art gallery, do these three things to prepare yourself first, before you look at the paintings. 

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