The biggest barrier to appreciating paintings is worrying about what others think.

We are afraid to let others find out that we have little knowledge of art.  We are afraid that people will judge us for being ignorant.  We are afraid that we will say the “wrong” things.  Because of these fears, we are reluctant to look at paintings, we are hesitant to talk about paintings.  We try to distant ourselves from paintings so that we can avoid such uncomfortable situations.

Which is a pity because we will not be able to experience the paintings that could have connected with us.    

As all of us are aware by now, people care mostly about themselves.  So frankly, nobody cares about what you think or say about the paintings!  Realize this, and accept this, and we will no longer be bounded by such unnecessary fears.  We will have the confidence to look at more paintings, we will be free to think and feel about the paintings, we will be able to enjoy the paintings purely for what they are, without being worried about being judged by others. 

How to appreciate paintings?  Once you realize that nobody cares about what you know about paintings, about what you think about paintings, about what you say about paintings, you will not be shackled by fears of judgement, and you will finally be able to explore and enjoy paintings. 

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