Every painting has a story.  Finding out the painting’s story helps us to appreciate the painting.  Knowing the painting’s story helps us to understand the painting better.
The painting’s story can come from many ways.  Most of the time, the painting itself is a story.  The painting’s story could be a lesson – a warning of the climate crisis, or a narrative of a scene – tea time at a café. 
Sometimes the painting itself has no story, it is merely a capturing of light or beauty or whatsoever that inspired the artist to paint it.  In this case, the painting’s story is the story of its creation; what made the artist paint it and how it was painted. 
There are times where a painting has multiple stories: the story of the artist who painted it, the story of how the painting was made available for us to see, the story of the previous owner of the painting, the story of how the painting inspired another artist or someone. 
Every painting has a story, whether hidden in the background or openly shown to us.  Find out the painting’s story by asking the artist or gallery, reading up materials or looking at the painting with what you know.  Learning the painting’s story will help us to appreciate the painting.  
How to appreciate paintings?  Find out the painting’s story. It will help you to appreciate the painting. 

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