Art fairs are good for learning how to appreciate paintings.

But even if you are not keen to learn how to appreciate paintings, I encourage you to visit an art fair at least once. 

There is a huge variety of paintings in an art fair, which is not the case in a carefully curated museum exhibtion or gallery exhibtion.  There are paintings of a wide range of medium, subject matter, colour and size.  There are paintings of artists from different countries with different years of experience in painting.  

While this may not mean much to someone who is not interested in paintings, looking at this broad array of paintings opens your mind to the many possibilities in this world, not just in paintings.  You realize there are many different ways of looking at things, there are many different opinions and view points, there are many different feelings and thoughts.  The world is big and yet small, people are unique and yet similar, the same hopes and worries encompass all of us.  You see strange ideas, interesting colours, unusual combinations.   

Visiting an art fair is not just an eye opener, but more importantly a mind and heart opener, injecting you with new ways of seeing and thinking, learning to empathize with others and live with change. 

How to appreciate paintings? Treat yourself to something refreshing today, go to an art fair.  

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