Art fairs are good for learning how to appreciate paintings.
Once we know that galleries exhibiting at the art fairs look forward to sharing their artists and paintings, we do not need to be apprehensive about talking to them or asking them questions.  When we know that we are warmly welcomed, we feel more at ease. 
The best way to not be intimidated at an art fair is to share the true and honest view of our knowledge of paintings.  
If we are clueless about paintings, we tell people that.  If we do know a little about paintings, we say that.  There is no need to hide the fact that we are here to learn, to learn how to appreciate paintings. Once we openly declare our “ignorance” of paintings, we no longer feel like a fraud, pretending to understand when we don’t, we no longer feel shy and awkward, worried about being asked, we no longer feel uncomfortable in this new environment that we are unfamiliar with.
Because “everyone” at the art fair now knows that we have little knowledge of paintings and that we are here to learn how to appreciate paintings, we no longer need to hide. We can confidently ask the gallery staff manning the booths questions, we can chat to fellow visitors at the art fair with ease, we can fully enjoy our time at the art fair without feeling intimidated.  
How to appreciate paintings?  Share the true and honest view of your knowledge of paintings at the art fair and you will not feel intimidated at art fairs again.  

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