Art fairs are good for learning how to appreciate paintings.

In art fairs, we get to see paintings from many artists from different countries, thus widening our view of paintings. Paintings from an artist from a different country can be interestingly refreshing – the subject matter can be something we have never encountered, or the paintings could feel strangely familiar – despite the cultural differences that we are expecting.

We also get to see many paintings “live” in art fairs.  As mentioned in previous posts, the best way to look at a painting is by looking at it on a wall (or panel in this case) in person.  Looking at a painting in front of us allows us to absorb in the physical reality of the painting; we can scrutinize the texture of the painting, feel the size of the painting, explore the colours of the painting.

Most importantly, In art fairs, we get to talk to earnest gallery staff manning the booths, from which we can pick up information that is useful in our learning on how to appreciate paintings.  We can learn how a particular artist develop his technique or how she gets inspired for her works, when the gallery staff introduces their artists.  We can learn what to look out for in a painting, when the gallery staff explains their paintings.  One of the fastest way of learning is to listen to an expert. 

How to appreciate paintings?  Go to an art fair. Ask questions and listen to the gallery staff manning the booths.  We can learn a lot from them. 

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