In the earlier posts,”How to appreciate paintings #41 and #42: look at as many paintings as you can” and “How to appreciate paintings #43: but you don’t have to look at everything”, we talked about looking at as many paintings as you can but there is no need to look at all paintings.  

One reader wrote in and asked, in this case, should she focus looking at only one type of painting?

There are many “types” of paintings: paintings of different mediums – oil on canvas, watercolour, chinese ink; paintings from different art movements – Renaissance, Impressionism, Pop Art; paintings from different cultures – African art, Chinese art, Mexican art; paintings from different eras and historical periods – ancient Egyptian art, medieval art, contemporary art; paintings from different countries – Singapore, Indonesia, your home country, paintings of different genres – portraiture, landscapes, still life, paintings by different artists – there are thousands and thousands of artists in the world and across history. 

When we are first starting out in this journey of appreciating paintings, we should look at a wider variety of paintings to figure out the type of paintings that we like.  Once we know the type or types of paintings that we like, perhaps paintings by a particular artist or paintings of a certain art movement, we can then focus our attention on these types of paintings.

How to appreciate paintings? Start your art journey by looking at different types of paintings to find the paintings that appeal to you.  Once you have found these types of paintings, focus your attention on them.

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