All of us have different reasons for starting this journey on how to appreciate paintings. It could be a work necessity, to forge closer ties with business partners. It could be a new hobby, to learn more about the world around us. It could be an answer to a calling, a need to understand more in order to connect more with oneself.

Whatever your reason for beginning this journey on how to appreciate paintings, I hope that you have been enjoying yourself thus far, accumulating knowledge of the world, and art, and yourself. 

Learning how to appreciate paintings is often a beautiful, emotional and solitary journey: we look at expressions of another human to feel for answers within ourselves by ourselves. It is a mysterious journey, where we do not know where or when we may arrive. It is a tough journey, where we are confronted with things that we are not used to. 

But it will definitely be a rewarding journey. 

We have come together thus far, and I hope we can continue this journey together, appreciating paintings.  

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