Paintings awaken our sense of curiosity. 

When we look at paintings, we are sometimes introduced to something unusual, something unexpected, something unfamiliar. We are probed into finding out more about what we are seeing and figuring out why it is presented in this manner. We become curious, eager to discover something new.  

As a child, we were curious about anything; everything was fresh and exciting as we were seeing and experiencing things for the first time. This sense of curiosity dimmed as we grew older, as we get accustomed to things happening around us without thinking much about them. 

When we look at paintings, we are gently jolted to think about what we are seeing. It could be something familiar, like apples on a table, yet curiously interesting as we have not seen apples being presented on a table in this manner before. It could be something totally new, odd sizes of red dots against a white background, curiously interesting as we wonder what it is about.

Paintings make us curious about what we are seeing, reigniting the joys we had as a child, where we could explore the unknown without fears.  

How to appreciate paintings? When we are appreciating paintings, we are learning valuable lessons from paintings too.  

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