In the previous post, we talked about how your memories, your experiences, your preferences, your emotional state and your knowledge of art shape your response to a painting. 
When you look at a painting and become engaged with it, you are searching through yourself to come up with a reaction to the painting.  It may be a spilt second unconscious search or it may be a long search with a deep realization.  The outcome of the search, ie what you feel about the painting, is not the key.    
What is illuminating is the search within yourself to derive at a response; the very personal self review that you go through while thinking about the painting enables you to understand more about yourself. This self review is a process that we hardly undergo in our hectic lives, but which we sorely need to explain the emptiness in us. 
Looking at paintings help us to discover ourselves. When we say “this painting has connected with me”, it really means that this painting has helped me to connect with myself. 

How to appreciate paintings? When we are appreciating paintings, we are learning valuable lessons from paintings too. 

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