How to appreciate art? Just look from the heart.

Proficiency in art history, mastery of the techniques of art, understanding artists and their works; knowledge in these areas will undoubtedly help us to appreciate art.
BUT……the key to appreciate art is available to everyone, with or without knowledge of art. 

The key to appreciate art is to look at the painting not only with the eyes, but to also look at the painting from the heart.

When we look at a painting with the eyes, we observe the painting carefully, examining it thoroughly. Together with our knowledge of paintings, we are able to analyse the painting and appreciate the painting for its position in arts history or its technical supremacy or its message and purpose.
When we look at a painting from the heart, we observe ourselves carefully, feeling what touched us. We appreciate the painting for how it connected with us – rekindling our old memories, reminding us of forgotten dreams, releasing our suppressed emotions, relieving us from the burdens of our lives now.
A painting that stirs feelings in us, be it positive feelings such as joy or serenity, or negative feelings such as sadness or disgust, has achieved what the art is meant to do. And that is how we appreciate paintings. With or without knowledge of art.

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How to appreciate paintings? How to appreciate art? Just look from the heart. When we feel a connection with the painting, we appreciate the painting.

Painting Image: Reflections at Marina Bay by Singapore artist Low Hai Hong /

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