How To Appreciate Paintings - Flowers By the Window by Low Hai Hong
Flowers By the Window by Low Hai Hong

2021. We resolve to live with all our might. We challenge ourselves to post an article every fortnight. We promise to write articles that will enrich your life.

How to Appreciate Paintings #89: A new milestone in 2021

2020 has been a terrible year for us. We lost a loved one, and like many around the world, we lost many freedoms that we had taken granted for. But we humans are stronger than we think. And the passing of time helps. Or perhaps we are just simply accepting what we cannot change. We…

How to Appreciate Paintings #88: The title of a painting (Part 9)

The title of a painting is a little “short cut” in the journey of appreciating a painting.  By telling us what the painting is, the title of the painting allows us to understand the painting faster.   Knowing the title and knowing what the painting is, we do not have to grope about in the dark trying…

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